Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services tailored to your needs, and based on our initial assessment. For more information, give us a call!

Primary Services

Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG)

  • Passive map of the brain’s electrical activity
  • Non-invasive and painless using electrodes placed on the head
  • Data compared to three extensive databases to determine hyper- and hypoactivity
  • Illustrates the functionality of different, highly specialized areas of the brain, and the quality of connections between them all


  • Learned techniques used to monitor and control the body’s physical functions (e.g. heart rate, brainwaves)
  • Electrical sensors receive information (feedback) about one’s body (bio), which is used to alter its functionality
  • Used to treat a variety of ailments, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, post-concussion, brain fog, chronic pain, and more!

EEG Neurofeedback

  • A form of biofeedback used to stimulate blood flow in the brain and help heal impaired regions
    • Surface electrodes are placed on the scalp to microscopically stimulate the brain
    • Painless and non-invasive
    • Healing process is optimized when used in conjunction with other forms of behavioural therapy

Other Services

For more information on our other services, reach out to us here!

Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV)

Massage Therapy

Trigger Point Evaluation

SEMG Muscle Training/Balance

Pain Management

Referrals to Specialized Practitioners*

*If needed.