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“At Myosymmeteries, our highly experienced, passionate and encouraging team is dedicated to coaching, educating and empowering each client in a caring and personalized manner. Our team utilizes the latest technological innovations and evidence-based neuroscientific approaches to wellness.”

Mary Donaldson

Owner, Co-Founder, and Senior Neurotherapist

Biofeedback Specialists

With various forms of biofeedback services to offer, we can provide individualized treatment to meet your specific needs. Issues we address include post-concussion, depression, anxiety, closed head injury, ADD/ADHD, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, performance anxiety, brain fog, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are services covered by Alberta Heath Care?

No. However, you may wish to submit your invoices to third party benefit plans or insurance. Depending on the service provided, we fall under “Psychological Services” or “Massage.” Please check with your provider prior to coming in if you wish to receive coverage. We do not direct bill.

More and more places are starting to offer biofeedback. Why Myosymmetries?

Our clinic founders, Dr. Stuart Donaldson, and his wife, Mary Donaldson have worked in the field of Psychophysiology for decades. They have attended and presented at numerous international conferences, and have received awards for their research and clinical work. Although Dr. Stuart Donaldson passed away in 2020, we continue to use methods he has been successfully using to help over 7000 clients throughout the years. Many of our team members were trained by Dr. Donaldson, and spent years working alongside him. We also focus on improving both the brain and the body as a coherent system. If you want to know more, we are more than happy to offer free consultations over the phone.

What is a qEEG?

qEEG stands for Quantitative Electroencephalography. It is a brain mapping tool we use to analyze the brain’s electrical activity and assess functional problems. See HERE for more information.

How long are treatment programs?

Every brain is different, and will have a different response to treatment. Typically clients receive treatment for 4 – 6 months. It could be more or less depending on the reason for seeking our services.

Does the qEEG hurt?

Not at all! We use surface electrodes that detect the brain’s electrical activity without any invasive procedures. Truthfully… this assessment can be a bit boring, as we have you sit in a (comfy) chair for an hour while we set up the equipment on your head and do the recordings. The cap we use kind of looks like a swim cap with wires coming out of it.

Do I need a qEEG Assessment before starting treatment? How about an SEMG Assessment?

We do require a qEEG assessment prior to starting treatment. We use information from the qEEG to determine what is going on in the brain and plan your treatment. Our SEMG muscle assessments are optional, and are typically recommended for those experiencing headaches or muscle pain.